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Finding Value in the Over/Under 2.5 Goals Market

Betting on Over/Under 2.5 Goals is now, by far, the most popular market when it comes to betting on football matches. Oftentimes it can be just too difficult to pick a winner plus in football we have the third option of the game ending in a draw. Indeed, this is the reason why football is more difficult to predict, it’s one of the few sports where games can end level. As such, betting on Over/Under 2.5 Goals when we cannot predict a winner seems like a far safer way of speculating on your money.

28th April 2022


Using xG in Football Betting to Find Value

Expected Goals is a stat that has been around for quite a while now but a few seasons ago caused quite a stir when the likes of BBC’s Match of the Day and some other English broadcasters started using the stat in their coverage. The vast majority of football fans scoffed at this ‘new’ stat. ‘How can ‘expected goals’ mean anything? It’s goals that count.’ they grumbled. As bettors we saw opportunities because as we all know, stats are what we use to find value in the betting markets and make better bets.

22nd April 2022


Overconfidence in Football Betting

Coming into betting we can all be forgiven for thinking we’re going to be good at it right away. Indeed, overconfidence is your first mistake here but we’ve all fallen for the trap of thinking ‘well, I’ve watched 1000s of football matches, I can predict what’s going to happen’. Well, the proof is in the pudding and if your betting isn’t going as well as you thought then obviously your confidence is mismatched with actual results.

21st April 2022


What are Dropping Odds?

In this article we want to speak about dropping odds, and, of course, their inverse, rising odds and how you can use these odds along with the fantastic Bey Dynamo software together to make better betting decisions.

14th April 2022


Betting in the Both Teams to Score Market

Both Teams to Score is one of the most exciting bets in the football markets. It’s a particularly handy bet for when two teams are evenly matched in the firepower department and when the odds are close too. Betting on Draws are high risk (and high reward if you can get it correct) but the BTTS bet really appeals to bettors when the teams seem evenly matched on paper. In this article we want to write about how to find value in this market, how to use the Bet Dynamo Insights Pages to find value betting opportunities and the key stats to pay attention to.

14th April 2022


Finding Value in the Both Teams to Score Market

At Bet Dynamo we’re quite obviously a bit obsessed with finding value in the betting markets and in this article we want to look at one of the most popular markets in football betting; the Both Teams to Score market.

7th April 2022


Three Things to Avoid for Successful Betting

Thanks to the great people at Gamble Aware we are all indeed quite aware these days of the potential pitfalls of gambling and gambling addiction. In years gone by it was a known problem that wasn’t really spoken about other than bar-room gossip and the odd newspaper article about a criminal conviction for someone stealing money to feed their gambling habit. Thanks to their campaigning addiction can be dealt with in a far better and healthier way and less and less people are falling victim to it. It almost goes without saying that this here is the first thing to avoid when betting and as the advert says ‘when the fun stops, stop’. We whole-heartedly agree here at Bet Dynamo Towers so pay attention to your betting and be aware of these pitfalls.

5th April 2022


Betting on First Half Goals and Finding Value

Tacking the market for First Half Goals can be quite tricky. Initially, and you’ll be forgiven for this, it can seem like a pretty easy market to exploit. Firstly you find a team, or teams, that regularly score in the First Half of football matches but then, well, the odds can be pretty stingy. In this article we want to talk about how to extract better prices, and value, from this market.

31st March 2022


The Best Football Podcasts

The old adage goes ‘the more you know, the further you’ll go’ and it’s said so much around these parts that it’s almost after becoming a mantra around Bet Dynamo Towers. We are incredibly proud of what we’ve done at Bet Dynamo, we take the stats of the teams facing off against each other and compare them to bookies’ odds to see if there’s any value to be found in the markets.

29th March 2022


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