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Corner Betting Strategies

11th January 2022


In this article we’ll be diving into a few Corner Betting Strategies that you can add to your betting strategy arsenal. We love betting on corners here at Bet Dynamo and our Insights Page takes so much of the hard work out of finding value in the corners betting markets. There’s plenty to brood over here and ponder so let’s roll up our value sleeves and get stuck into it.

Corner Betting Strategy

First and foremost we have to make a great case for using the Bet Dynamo Insights Page when it comes to betting on corners and finding potential value and which matches to get involved with. Let us begin then by setting up our Filters on the Bet Dynamo Insights Page. We’re going to go with Odds of over 1.50 and for Over 9 Corners:

This gives us a few matches from the upcoming weekend:

We see then that we’re given three games. The odds for the Stuttgart vs RB Leipzig are the best of course while the others seem to be a little low. While there’s definitely value to be had there are a few other options when we get opportunities like this.

Pre Kickoff Corner Betting Strategy

The Bet Dynamo Insights Page really helps us cut down on the work of looking for potential value in the Corners markets. After it churns out some potential matches then we need to ask a few questions; what is the motivation of the teams involved, do we have two attacking teams playing; two defensive or one attacking and one defensive. We need to pay attention to weather conditions too as there appears to be a positive collaboration between bad weather and more corners.

Inplay Corner Betting Strategies

With Corner Betting though it must be said that the vast amount of the smart punters make their bets inplay when the match is being played. Why is this? Well, when you are watching a match you can make better judgments about how the play is going and so you can make better informed decisions.

A few things to consider when betting inplay: Look for League and Cup games where there’s a difference in quality, i.e. where a strong team plays a weaker team or vice versa so that we’ll see one team doing the vast amount of attacking while the other tries to soak up the pressure.

If we see a game going into the halftime break as a 0-0 or 1-1 draw and we have a strong team facing a weaker team at home then we can expect the home side to be peppering the away side’s goal when proceedings continue after they’ve been barked at by their manager at halftime.

Another good one to look at is when we have a weak home team playing a strong away team. Classically the home side will defend and try and sneak the odd goal on the counter attack. A match like this should be ripe for a few corners then, the defensive side are happy to sit back and allow the attacking team to come at them and deflections and goalkeeper saves will lead to corners and when the defensive teams then attack on counter attacksm goalkeeper saves and defensive clearances should see a good few corners too.

The golden scorelines here are a 1-0 or a 2-0 where the defensive team are winning and have scored against the run of play and the stronger side needs to win. They will, no doubt, sit on their lead and try to defend it while the stronger side will be throwing the proverbial kitchen sink at them. A halftime 0-0 should also be on your radar as they’ll need to up their pressure in the second half to try and get the win.

The Bet Dynamo Insights Page is a perfect resource for this, as a game is being played we can still read the stats on the site and we can see quick quickly how many corners both teams usually average and how many their respective home/away games also average:

A wee reminder too to pay attention to weather conditions and of course, always check out the lineups and see if there are any inexperienced defenders or goalkeepers playing. Many ‘new’ defenders and ‘keepers will rather play it safe and instead of taking a chance of playing a ball out to another player when under pressure they’re more likely to give away a corner kick and relieve some pressure.

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