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Five Winning Tips for Betting on Accas

In this article we want to write about five things you need to be aware of when betting on Accas so that you can get the best value for your money. First though we need to define exactly what an Acca is. A normal bet involving one match is called a ‘Single’ bet. If you add another match it’s called a ‘Double,’ a third match will make it a ‘Treble’ adding a fourth and anything after is called an ‘Acca.’ The proper name is an ‘Accumulator’ but more people now just shorten it to ‘acca.’ Of course, in different countries it can have different names, in Europe many will call it a ‘combination’ while in America they usually called a ‘parlay bet’. The four-fold Acca is a pretty simple bet then, you are betting on four events to happen for you to win your match. As the games are played, and you win your bets, then the accumulated profit is multiplied by the odds, starting with the first match that kicks off.

There are variations on the Acca bet as well, we call these ‘System Bets’. So if you have a four-fold Acca, you can have more bets; for the four matches you’ll have four single bets, six Double bets, three Treble bets and, of course, the four-fold Acca bet. We’re written a little about system bets before, you can read about it here. So then, what are the five things we need to pay attention to when betting on Accas?

Betting with Value

Of course we have to begin an article called Five Winning Tips for Betting on Accas by writing about value don’t we? We are Bet Dynamo afterall. If you don’t know what ‘value betting’ is then please read this article but for this short paragraph let’s just summarise it as; you’re basically getting better odds than you normally would. This could be because it’s a huge match, for example, Liverpool vs Real Madrid and everyone and his dog is betting on Over 2.5 goals. However, you’ve delved deep into the stats and form for both teams and you make a judgement call that the odds for Under 2.5 goals, at 2.30 should be more like 2.05 and say to yourself that you’re getting some great value odds there.

At Bet Dynamo, we’re all about value. It’s literally what we do. We combine the stats for two teams when they come up against each other and calculate if there’s any value to be found in matches based on the combined stats and the current prices available on the market. Value betting is incredibly important and while it can be tricky to get the hang of when you’re starting out, once it clicks you’ll be able to see potential value far more often. Of course, you can learn more about what we do at Bet Dynamo here.

Finding the Best Odds

Bettors can be a conservative bunch when it comes to changing brands and it’s something that, when thought about logically, really boggles the mind. If it was a material product people would be far less likely to have such brand loyalty as you see among betting punters. If you wanted to buy a loaf of bread and it was £1 at the corner shop down the street but it was £0.79 at the corner shop up the street where would you go? Of course you’d go up the street rather than down the street.

This should be the same logic that you use when looking for the best price for your bets. Let’s say there’s a big match this weekend, RB Leipzig take on Borussia Dortmund and it looks like there’ll be Over 3.5 goals. You can bet with your normal bookie for a price of 2.35 but there are three Asian bookmakers offering prices of 2.50, 2.45 and 2.55. Why are you taking the 2.35 price? If you place £10 on a 2.35 bet you’ll win £13.50 plus your tenner back. If you go with the highest odds of the other bookies, you’ll win 15.50 plus the tenner. That’s an extra £2. Why would you not go for the best prices? Shop around, it’s good to have plenty of bookmakers accounts and at least one Betting Exchange account too.

Stay Away from Tipsters

Tipsters make their money in three possible ways. They sell their tips to punters, the tips win and they make money by selling their tips and by winning their tips. The final way is, they sell their tips to punters, the punters use the bookie they recommend and if the bet wins everyone wins (except the bookie) if the bet loses then the bookie and the tipster win. What did he write, the tipster wins? Yes. If you sign up to a bookmaker from an affiliate link on a tipster’s website/social media page then that tipster will get a cut from every time you lose and may even get a cut every time you lodge money. So, really, it’s not exactly in a tipster’s best interest if you’re winning. They’re just after your money.

Don’t Make Selections Based on Odds Alone

Odds can be deceptive. Let’s say this weekend Atletico Madrid play Barcelona at home. At the beginning of the week the odds for a home win are 2.25, and away win is 2.8 while the draw is 3.0. This are just example odds. But as the week progresses three of Barcelona’s attackers are injured, Atletico’s odds now crash to 1.80, Barcelona’s rise to 3.5 etc. Would you still be on Atletico? Does 1.80 represent good value, especially since just a few days earlier they were at 2.25?

It’s best to look at matches without looking at the odds first. Do your research on the stats and form and things like team motivation, injury and suspension news etc. When you make a decision about what bets are likely to happen then check the odds and then make a judgement on whether you’re getting value or not. It’s also worth mentioning that big matches tend to be undervalued in some markets as people who are less likely to bet every day back a selection, so for example, Over 2.5 goals in a Chelsea vs Arsenal game should be around 2.10 based on your research but, because it’s a huge match, the odds available are priced at 1.95 simply because more people than usual are betting and driving the price down because they just want to watch an entertaining football match after their Sunday roast.

KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid)

If your knowledge of the Bundesliga, the Premier League, Serie A, La Liga are good then bet on those leagues. If you think Sparta Prague are going to beat Viktoria Plzen because they usually do and they’re the strongest team in the Czech league this season then stop and take the time to research it properly, make sure your knowledge of the game and the teams involved is good. Don’t throw away your money, be smart and keep it simple.

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