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Betting on Fixed Football Matches

Not a day goes by here at Bet Dynamo towers where we don’t have to delete some Facebook posts regarding ‘info on fixed football matches’. They’ve certainly become a scourge of late and we want to show people who the scam works.

Betting on Fixed Football Matches

First and foremost let’s address the giant elephant lurking in the room here. Match fixing occurs, there have been 100s, nay, 1000s of documented cases of match fixing that have occurred over the years. Indeed your blogger here was once at an event in Nyon hosted by UEFA and asked a UEFA rep how bad was match fixing. Their, unofficial, reply was that usually from the third tier down it occurs but it’s usually things like first player to be booked, first throw in, first corner etc.

What Happens in a Fixed Football Match?

What actually happens in match fixing is that organised criminal gangs launder their ill-gotten gains by betting on small markets with large amounts of cash across many different bookmakers. It’s been an ongoing problem in more underground sports like boxing and martial/mixed martial arts for many years too but has been steadily creeping into football too. They’ll approach a player with a bribe, offer him a lot more money than his weekly wage, or in some cases a relative of the footballer may owe money to the gang and the player will be told that his team has to concede the first throw in/corner kick, yellow card etc. Thankfully many footballers tell the authorities but it’s rare that culprits are ever even found, let alone prosecuted.

This though isn’t the type of ‘fixed match’ bet that you’ll see being offered on Facebook on a daily basis. It seems ludicrous to even type this but there’s just no way on the planet that some person called ‘Freddy’s 100% Fixed Football Tips’ knows that PSG are going to beat Manchester City 2-0 in late September. Here’s how the scam works. Freddy reaches out to 100 normal Joe Soaps on Facebook/Twitter etc. Let’s say 30 take the bait. What he does then is he’ll tell 10 of them that PSG will win, he’ll tell another 10 that Manchester City will win and he’ll tell that final 10 that the match will end in a Draw. He charges people £50 per person, so he makes £1500 everytime he does this, for example.

What happens to the people who lose their bet? They’ll write to him on Facebook/Twitter and demand their money back and he’ll either do one of two things, he’ll try to blame bad refereeing, VAR etc. and try to rope them in for the ride again or he’ll simply block them knowing that there’s nothing they can do about it.

Betting on Fixed Football Matches

For the people who win the bet he’ll try and keep them going with another bet, more ‘info’ on another upcoming match. And because he already has 10 people he now needs to recruit less for his next bet. The cycle continues until the punters lose but ‘Freddy’ doesn’t mind, he’s making £1500 every time he does this and all he needs to do is recruit a handful of desperate people on the internet.

It also works with scoreline bets but it works exactly the same way. He’ll take the different scoreline options and divide them between the amount of people he’s recruited and go from there. It’s a simple scam that’s been around pretty much since betting became popular and it’s incredible to think that it still works on people.

Do not be fooled. Football betting isn’t an easy way of making money. What you’re looking for is value in the markets and making consistent profit over the long term. We’ve heard too many tales of people losing huge amounts of money to scammers. The best thing to do is not engage with these people, just report them to group admins, block them and carry on with your day.

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