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Next Premier League Manager To Leave Post Betting Odds

Unless the manager has endured a run of 15 losses in-a-row and has sold all the best players or has really upset the home fans, most people don’t take any great joy in seeing a person lose their job. But football is football and it’s the nature of the modern game that most managers don’t stay around for very long. Let’s have a look at one of the traditional ‘fun’ bets of the Premier League seasons; the Next Manager to Leave Post.

Next Premier League Manager To Leave Post Betting Odds Of the current 20 managers plying their trade in the Premier League only five of them have been in the position longer than three years. There are five who haven’t even been in the job for 200 days and of those five they make up some of the favourites to lose their position over the coming season.

Of course when things do go sour most fans are quite happy to see a manager or head coach being given his marching orders. Although, of course, there are plenty of opposition fans who are more than happy to see their rivals suffer a bit under bad management. How many Liverpool fans wanted David Moyes’ time to last a bit longer at Manchester United back in 2014? We’ll hazard a guess at most.

Last season was abit of an unusual one, what with the big you-know-what still going on and that but as well there were only four managerial noggins put on the chopping block. West Brom’s Slavin Bilic was the first to receive his marching orders as West Brom fell down the table but not until December. Chelsea departed ways with club hero Frank Lampard in January and went on to win the Champions League. In March, Sheffield United’s Chris Wilder left the club as they were doomed to relegation and in April, just prior to playing in a League Cup final, Spurs sacked Jose Mourinho. The rumours at the time claims it was either to do with Mourinho refusing to participate in the proposed Super League or it was to do with his bonus payment if he’d won a cup with Spurs. Knowing a thing or too about Spurs’ head bottlewasher, it’s more than likely to do with the second of those two options

Next Premier League Manager To Be Fired Betting Odds In a ‘normal’ Premier League season you’d expect the first manager to be told to sling his hook some time around October. A rocky start for one of the Premier League new boys or for one of the clubs who usually finish in the Bottom 10, can send shivers up the spines of trigger-happy boardrooms and can lead to them calling time on a manager’s stay at a club early so they can get a new man in to try and turn things around with plenty of games still to go.

Prior to the second transfer window opening too we usually see one or two going as a new manager will want to bring in a couple of fresh faces into the squad to try to improve results and to stamp his authority, or identity on his new team.

Betting Odds Next Premier League Manager To Be Fired Can any value be found when betting on the next Premier League manager to be sacked? That’s the question here isn’t it? The answer is neither yes nor no. Arguments can be made for both but really if you choose to enter this market you should see this as more of a fun bet and one that’s longer-term than your usual Win/Draw/Win or Overs/Unders bet. The likes of Newcastle’s Steve Bruce and Crystal Palace’s Patrick Vierira could come close during the season but at the time or writing it’s too difficult to say. Of course, Bruce has a tough job on his hands, as does every Newcastle manager; they have demanding fans and fans who are constantly at odds with the boardroom members. Vieria, taking over from Roy Hodgeson, who was great at steadying the ship at Selhurst Park, hasn’t exactly done very well in his previous managerial roles and a bad start could make for a long, long season for the Palace squad and fans.

We need to also say that this market doesn’t exactly attack huge amounts of money and, as such, if a large amount of cash is deposited into a bet it can have a huge effect on the betting odds and, indeed, many bookmakers will immediately close the market and not allow any more money to enter the fold. We’ve all heard of people with ‘inside information’ putting a few hundred or thousand pounds on a manger leaving and straight away the market is closed. If it isn’t close though, the bookie will really cut the odds and any potential value that was there will have evaporated in the blink of an eye.

Next Premier League Manager To Leave Post Betting Odds Let’s have a look at the current odds prior to the 2021/21 Premier League season starting.

Not many surprises there, Watford’s Xisco Munoz, as managing one of the favourites to be relegated this season is the favourite to leave his post first this season, followed closely by Palace’s Vieria and Newcastle’s Steven Bruce.

The likes of Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp, Manchester City’s Pep Guardiola and Chelsea’ Thomas Tuchel don’t seem very likely to be given their marching orders and we would need to see things going pretty bad for those clubs before they’d be given their P45, seeing as the three of them have a good bit of credit in the bank with their respective clubs.

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