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Barnsley vs Swansea: Betting Tips and Predictions

Barnsley welcome Swansea to the Oakwell on Monday night for the first leg of their Championship Playoff. Whoever wins this tie over both legs will face off in the final against either Bournemouth or Brentford for the chance to be promoted to the Premier League. Both teams aren’t exactly in the best of form, over their last five games each only three of those 10 games have seen any of these sides winning. They’re going to have to do much better over the two legs here if they’ve any hope of making it into the Premier League. Let’s have a look for some value in the markets.


Barnsley vs Swansea: Betting Tips and Predictions


Plenty of Pink Value Stats available at first glance here from the Bet Dynamo Insights Page. This can be a bit off putting for new users but remember that because this indicates ‘bad value’ we can bet against something if the price is good enough.

Barnsley’s form has seen them winning just two of their last five in the Championship, drawing one and losing two. Swansea have won just one of their last five in the league, drawing two and losing two. Let’s have a deeper look into the stats.

Barnsley vs Swansea: Betting Tips and Predictions


We can see here that there usually aren’t loads of goals in games involving these teams when playing home/away. However, we might be able to exploit one thing here. Over 1.5 goals has been seen in 69.57% of home Barnsley games and in 78.26% of away Swansea games. However, Over 2.5 goals has only been seen in 47.83% and 30.43% respectively. How can we exploit this. Well, it’s pretty safe to say that Over 1.5 goals (i.e. two goals is expected in this match, our Insights, as you can see above give this outcome a 74% implied probability of occurring. 74% implied probability would be around odds of 1.35. We can currently bet on Over 2 goals at odds of 1.82, meaning if two goals are scored we’ll get our betting stake back and if a third goal is scored we’re in profit. The odds aren’t as good as Over 2.5 goals but it’s less risky as we’ll be refunded if two goals only are scored.

Barnsley vs Swansea: Betting Tips and Prediction


There’s been a second half goal in 82.61% of home Barnsley games and in 73.91% of away Swansea matches. The best way to exploit this would be to lay the draw if it’s 0-0 at halftime, might be a bit riskier to lay 1-1 as there aren’t a huge amount of goals in both teams here but if you watch the games you’ll have a good feel about whether they’ll be another goal scored. As always you should be watching games you intend to bet/trade on inplay.

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