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January Transfer Window Betting

It’s cold and winter-y and miserable out there but there’s a new betting market that’s opened and while it probably won’t make money for most people it is at the very least intriguing. We’re talking about the January Transfer Window. Read on to find out more about betting on January transfers and how to find the best value for your wagers.

Already-Announced January Transfers

As of January 3rd only Liverpool have brought in a new player, signing attacking midfielder Takumi Minamino for just £7.3m form Red Bull Leipzig. The 25 year old had been with the Austrian side since 2014, playing 136 matches and scoring 42, so a goal every 3.2 matches.

Man City, Burnley, Wolves and Aston Villa have all announced a few departures and loanee transfers, too many to go into here but you can read up on the transfers here.

Previous January Transfers

Betting on the January transfer window doesn’t bring nearly as much fervour as the summer transfer window, but over previous seasons it has proven to be a time when you can get a bargain. Probably the best of which over the last few years was Liverpool buying Luis Suarez from Ajax during one of his many bans. Merseyside rivals Everyon signed one Mikel Arteta from Real Sociedad back in January 2005 and he’s gone on to have a pretty decent career.

Among the best of the January transfer window we’ve seen the likes of Patrice Evra and Nemanja Vidic both joining Manchester United, oh, how they’d love to do some business as good as that this January. Liverpool have landed Suarez as said above, Javier Mascherano from West Ham and Daniel Sturridge from Chelsea while Chelsea themselves signed Gary Cahill and (re)signed Namanja Matic during the winter transfer window too. The big clubs don’t like going in for January transfers too often so they need to get it right.

Rumoured January Transfers As you can see from the image here, the Top 10 of the current January Transfer rumours are as follows: Paul Pogba, Christian Eriksen, Gareth Bale, Jadon Sancho, Wilfried Zaha, Alfredo Morelos, Adrien Rabiot, Adama Traore, Ben Chilwell and Billy Sharp.

Of course the first four on this list are the ones that are going to be getting the main focus of attention from potential bettors. Man United’s Paul Pogba’s days in Manchester are surely numbered by now, but will he be kitting out for Real Madrid within the month or maybe a return to Turin with Juventus is on the cards? Tough to know, but according to the rumour mill and pundits speaking on radio and podcasts it’s unlikely to happen in this window and the Frenchman might have to wait until the summer before getting his move away from Manchester.

The Christian Eriksen saga at Spurs is becoming ridiculous at the moment, he wants to go, the board want him to go, most of the fans want him to go and even the new manager wants him to go. However, Spurs are a better team with him playing so what can they do? They could try and cash in before he can leave on a free transfer but it’s all gone a bit toxic and, according to the betting markets it looks like it’ll be Real Madrid, Manchester United or Inter Milan signing the great Dane.

Garth Bale is rumoured to be going back to Spurs, maybe in a possible swap deal with Eriksen going the other way or off to China. We’d hope he goes to Spurs or at least stays in Europe, he’s not old enough or washed-up enough to go and waste away in the Chinese league yet. Sorry China, your league is terrible, we know it, you know it and stop pretending it’s good. Sorry, rant over.

Of course, have a look at these transfers yourselves and do some research into the latest rumours before parting with your money, this leads us onto our next point.

Sportsbook Comparisons

Finally then, you need to make sure you’re getting the best odds for you bets. It looks like the Betfair Exchange has stopped taking bets for the January transfer market, their sportsbook takes the transfer bets now. Betfair was probably the best for it for one simple reason, you could see how much money was in the market and you could decide if what you were reading was just journalism masked as PR or if there was genuine interest and movement in the markets.

We can though look at odds comparison sites, like this one, to get the best value for our wagers now. As always, shop around for the best odds and make sure you’re getting the best value possible for your bets.

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