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2020 Betting Resolutions

It being that time of year for making promises to yourself and others it can be a good time to reexamine your approach to betting on football and how you can become better at it. For some it appears to come naturally, they have some another sense about predicting football results, but we’re here to tell you that you don’t necessarily need to predict a result to earn profit, just predicting a single goal in a match can be a profitably strategy over the long run. Let’s have a look at a few tips that will help you become better at betting on football matches in 2020.

A Statistical Approach

Using statistics to find opportunities in the betting markets is clearly the way to go when it comes to placing your wagers. By examining the results and what has happened in previous matches we can make solid, stats-backed, predictions about what will happen in an upcoming match. While some matches will still end in a dud 0-0 draw over a long period of time if we learn how to use the statistics correctly we’ll be able to avoid more of those pesky 0-0s.

A quick look at the Bet Dynamo Insights page will show you all of the upcoming matches for the next few days and will show you where there are some possible profitable opportunities. Of course, the stats cannot tell you what will happen but based on previous matches involving the teams playing each other we can give a percentage implied probability of an event occurring.

Let’s take the first match from the above image; Brighton vs Chelsea, if you click on the match you’ll see some more in-depth stats. Here you’ll see a table of stats concerning far more events and you’ll be able to quickly identify some ongoing trends concerning the teams involved.

There’s also a new feature that we implemented towards the end of 2019, Head to Head stats, this looks back over previous meetings between the teams to show you what has happened in previous meetings between the teams.

Discipline in Sports Betting

It’s difficult to remain objective when you’re betting on a sport you know and love. Even if you try your hand at a league you don’t know, let’s say the Swedish Allsvenskan and you find that you’re quite handy at predicting Over/Under 2.5 in that league. Well, after a few weeks of that you’re going to start having a bias towards the teams that are, or aren’t, delivering for you. Last season saw Djurgardens, Malmo and Hammarby battle it out for the title and towards the end of the season all three dug deep to try and land it, but some of them dropped points in their last few matches as well and it was hard to not to swept up in the drama. However, as bettors we must remain objective and disciplined and continue to only back selections with solid value.

Know your Market

You should, of course, keep a record of your bets. This is a great time of year to look back over 2019 and to really analyse what you’re good at and what you’re not so good at. You can then make the choice of becoming even better at what you’re good at or improving on what you’re bad at. Honestly though, we think it’s better to improve on what you’re already good at; be it predicting the next goal so you can place a bet on the Over/Under markets inplay, or a Lay the Draw system, or if you’re good at predicting home wins by underdogs or the Both Teams to Score market.

Something that people new to sports betting often fail to realise is that you don’t have to be in a rush. Think of it as a new skill you’re learning; if you wanted to build a kitchen table from milled timber you wouldn’t expect to have it done in a week if you’re never even held a saw before. You’d need to learn about the cuts involved and learn how to use all the power tools needed. The same goes for betting, you’re learning markets and learning how to use statistics to find value in the markets. Write down your picks and paper trade them for the first while, really get to know the markets, learn how prices more, how they are set and as much as you can about the teams involved when they play each other.

Bookmark our Blog site and look back over previous articles where we’re written extensively about these subjects and much more. Wishing you a prosperous 2020.

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