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Football Corner Betting Strategy

The corner betting market can be one that a lot of people ignore, however, there are lots of great value opportunities to be had should you be willing to put in the research.

Luckily for you we have done a lot of the hard work and display all the stats you need within our Team Stats and Insights sections. This data is fully automated and updates in real time as teams progress through the season so you can be sure you’re always making the most informed bets.

Below is an example of how we display the corner stats…

You’ll notice that there are two ways they are shown, as ‘Game Corners’ and ‘Team Corners’, these are then split down into home and away.

Game Corners: The average number of corners in games when the team in question is either at home, or away. In the example of Djugarden, on average their home games have 8.83 corners, but when they play away their games produce an average of 13.12 corners.

Team Corners: The average amount of corners that the team in question gets when either playing at home, or away. So, again, using Djurgarden as an example, they get on average 5.67 corners when playing at home, but 5.88 when playing away.

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Putting these stats to practise…

Let’s say that this weekend we have the fixture, Elfsborg v Djurgarden. Elfsborg usually get 5.86 corners when playing at home and this contributes to an average corners per game of 9.43. Whereas Djurgarden usually get on average 5.88 corners per away game, which contributes to an average of 13.12 game corners when they’re the away side.

So, these stats tell us a few things. Firstly, both sides play attacking football and as such get a good amount of corners each per game, which is a good start when picking a corner bet. Secondly, when looking at the difference in team corners and game corners, Elfsborg seem to concede less corners than Djurgarden.

Working out the bet: There are two ways to interpret this data, firstly using the average corners per game method, and secondly using the average team corners method. Both should be used as they provide a good check for one another.

The average corners per game method: Elfsborg home games average (9.43) + Djurgarden away games average (13.12) / 2 = 11.28. This tells us that there is likely to be 11.28 corners in the game based on the averages of the games these sides have been involved in thus far.

The average team corners per game method: Elfsborg team corners home average (5.86) + Djurgarden team corners away average (5.88) = 11.74. This tells us that based purely on how many corners these teams average there should be 11.74 in the match.

Both of these methods can be used in conjunction with each other, the average team corners method doesn’t take into account how many each side concedes which the average game corners method has. However, both are good to use as a cross check to see if each makes sense.

From the above data we should be tipping Over 11 Corners, or, if you want to be more cautious, Over 10 Corners.

Below is an example of how we display our corner tips on the Insights page. The numbers refer to the % chance of there being Over 8, Over 9 and Over 10 corners. Our clever algorithm looks at all the data we have previously mentioned and works out how likely there is to be over that number of corners, it does this for hundreds of games each day to ensure it doesn’t miss a potential bet!

Things to take into account when thinking about betting on corners:

  • Goals change games. Teams can go defensive after taking the lead, however, depending on who has scored (for example if it’s the underdog) then it may mean one side amasses more than their average count of corners. This can affect you a lot if you’re betting on team corners.

  • Favourites win, on average, 5 corners when they win a game and 8 when they lose, or when they are losing for the majority of the game.

  • If a favourite struggles to score first half goals then this usually means more corners. The longer the game goes without a goal for the favourite the more corners are generally amassed.

  • When a favourite goes a goal down early on in the game then you can be sure they’ll be pressing more following the goal, this can be exploited by betting on them to win the race to 3 corners. (Some bookies offer this market).

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Good luck and happy betting


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